Residential Block Management

Raglan International are fortunate to manage some of the most significant historical buildings in London ranging from blocks with 4 units to larger blocks with + 40. We value each and every one in our growing portfolio and there is a significant history behind each instruction.

Every block is very different; we have the back knowledge and are familiar with almost every type of scenario; within our portfolio our blocks range from leasehold, share of freehold, right to manage, freehold limited companies and freehold investment companies, we also work alongside resident management companies.

We are at the cutting edge of Health and Safety practices – ultimately there is no higher importance than the wellbeing and protection of residents, leaseholders, guests and the public.

We are highly practiced with the Section 20 process and almost on a constant basis, a block refurbishment is taking place which we are closely managing. We have exceptional relationships with leading qualified maintenance providers and we ensure that all works are performed to exacting standards at reasonable prices. We are liable for all block expenditure and answer to you. All transactions are completely transparent.

Raglan’s dedicated, qualified service charge finance department builds a bespoke annual budget for each property using both our industry experience and your property’s maintenance history.

For our clients, in addition to day-to-day bookkeeping and service charge accounting, we also provide company secretarial services, ensuring year end accounts and confirmation statements are filed correctly and on time, as well as the organising and the keeping minutes of AGMs where required. The accounts team works hand in hand with the property management department to ensure services provided and contracts maintained are both effective and reasonably priced.

Leaseholder and resident frustrations can occur when seemingly small issues are not dealt with appropriately.  We have the foresight and compassion to understand that small issues to a managing agent are not insignificant to a resident.  We rectify all issues rapidly. 

We have a wealth of property experience and with this knowledge can often successfully identify issues without the requirement for paying for diagnosis.  On timeless occasion this has proved to be financially beneficial to leaseholders.

With regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority we are authorised to provide insurance for our block portfolio.  With our umbrella policy, premiums can be more comprehensive and lower in price.  We are unable to give specific advice about insurance however if we arrange block insurance then we will organise the complete claim process which often includes the gathering of multiple quotes.  This sets us apart from any other agency.

Please contact us directly and we will offer a no obligation, tailor made solution to your block management requirements.


Embassy and Consulate Management

We feel highly honoured to have been entrusted with the day to day management of numerous embassies and consulates within central London.

We are highly confidential in our approach and especially effective with the rapid repair and refurbishment both interiorly and exteriorly of government buildings.

Please contact us for a completely confidential solution to the management of your embassy or consulate.  Our references are numerous and impeccable.


Communal Gardens and Square Management

London is internationally renowned for the numerous and extremely well kept communal gardens.  In very recent time, these gardens and squares have been the lifelines for resident communities and individuals alike.  A moment of calm in a turbulent world.

We specialise in preserving many communal gardens within central London.  Our ethos stands firmly with maintaining the numerous plants, trees, bushes and shrubs and the manicuring of our traditional lawns through the use of organic means.  We will never use pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical unless approved by the British Society of Soil Science. Our contract grounds-people, gardeners and landscapers are sympathetic to our clients’ needs and leaders in their field.  Many have exhibited at the Chelsea flower show and are renowned internationally.

Raglan International organise and maintain membership subscription and membership fees, we arrange AGMs, prepare and enforce budgets alongside residents and permitted visitors.  We strictly adhere to health and safety and council directive. We enforce security and the rules and regulation within the gardens. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as part of the Communal Garden Management service, Raglan provides insurance solutions.

Please contact us for a landscaped solution.


Residential PROPERTY Management

We are fortunate to be entrusted in the management of houses and flats for clients; to date our management portfolio exceeds a value of £950,000,000.

We are relied upon to maintain the interior and exterior of properties thus ensuring longevity of tenancies; we keep realistic boundaries in sight and keep maintenance costs down.

Many of our clients live overseas and have not seen their residential assets for in excess of ten years, some have never visited their own properties.

We are proud that we have been entrusted to look after these assets which range from self-contained studios to seven bedroom houses. All of these properties require dedication and care, this is what we specialise in.

As standard, and at an absolute minimum we visit each managed property four times per annum. Clients receive a Raglan PMI (Property Management Inspection) report each quarter. This report details general condition and advice and is designed to inform Landlords that the property is well maintained and cherished.

Day to day management issues are dealt with by a dedicated Raglan property manager. Unlike many management agencies, your dedicated manager knows your property. This means that they visit on a regular basis and all ongoing issues are dealt with by them.

Our contractor selection process is rigorous. We have to trust technicians implicitly and they are interviewed at length and constantly monitored. We engage on the basis of skill and expertise as well as value.

Ultimately we are liable to our Landlords for all expenditure, additionally we are entrusted with looking after and harmonising tenancies. It is often a fine line but one in which we have consistently outshone.

Property maintenance, refurbishment and upkeep is of paramount importance; health and safety and welfare of Tenants and permitted occupants far surpasses this.

We are fully versed in all up to date government regulation and policy and pride ourselves in exceeding recommended actions. Always our first concern is with the safety of the occupants.

We can provide residential property management to your property, whether or not it was us who sourced your tenants; we